With approximately 50 pairs of wood grain structure cylinders at our disposal, we can satisfy practically all customer requests with regard to particular types of wood and customised colouring for our HDF HOMADUR® Decor and Uni wood fibreboards. Uni colours can be provided in just about any shade required. Our existing range of more than 600 wood grain decors and/or uni colours is available at all times. HDF HOMADUR® Uni Plus and Decor Plus fibreboards receive an additional coat of special UV lacquer to give them improved scratch resistance.


These boards are used for the following branches:

  • Furniture industry
  • Door industry
  • Automotive/Caravan construction
  • Interior fitting
  • Exhibition stand

Data sheet

Product information as PDF download

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  • A wide range of surface qualities are available, applied to one or both sides
  • Tailor-made service: Our technical centre is equipped with a laboratory facility that enables us to create almost any pattern the customer desires.


Further processing can be carried out using standard woodworking machinery and tools. You must carry out your own trials and tests in advance.


The environmental compatibility of HDF HOMADUR® Decor Plus and Uni Plus begins with the environmentally-friendly materials used, such as untreated timber and low-formaldehyde binding agents, and ends with our innovatively ecological and gentle manufacturing process. Lacquering is carried out in an eco-friendly process, using water-based emulsions only. These are protected with an AC-UV lacquer. Thermal utilisation HDF HOMADUR® Plus is harmless to the environment.