Company Philosophy

  • To ensure your continued satisfaction with our products and services, we have compiled a list of our company’s guiding principles:
  • Quality:


    HOMANIT symbolises the highest level of quality with regard to products and customer service – and this is seated in tradition: HOMANIT has been certified in accordance with the quality management standard EN ISO 9001 since 1995.

  • Reliability:


    We honour our commitments – which makes many things possible. This is because we want to be your dependable partner, both now and in the future.

  • Responsibility:


    We take the initiative and accept responsibility for our actions. Which is why we are always keen to learn more.

  • Trust:


    We promote open and fair dealings on equal terms – with our customers and suppliers worldwide and with each other. Respect and mutual trust are a matter of course.

  • Economic Efficiency

    Economic Efficiency

    Quality, service and innovation – at competitive prices. We are constantly improving in order to achieve these aims each and every day.

Ecology and Environment

The environmental compatibility of our products results from the input of materials such as natural timbers, glue systems with an extremely low content of formaldehyde and a gentle, ecologically path-breaking manufacturing process. Final products can be composted and thermally used.

  1. Primary Products

    Domestic timbers are used for the production of HDF/MDF HOMADUR®, especially roundwood and scrap wood from sawmills.
  2. Adhesives

    Adhesives, which belong to the group of duroplastic glues, are used; that means that they are reactant adhesives such as urea formaldehyde condensates or mixed condensates based on urea, melamine, phenol, and formaldehyde. All glues we use are "E1"-adhesives.
  3. Lacquers

    The "Aqueous dispersion paints" used for lacquering are protected by "AC-UV lacquer".
  4. Manufacturing Process

    HDF/MDF HOMADUR® is produced in the environment- friendly dry process. After heating the chipped timbers under pressure and temperature with subsequent defibration, the moist woodfibre that contains adhesives is gently dried in a warm air stream. Further processing - pressing in the hot press - is carried out dryly. The exhaust vapours emerging from the process of drying and pressing are passed onto an air washer, especially developed for this purpose. Wastewater resulting from this will be cleaned and re-used. The substances remaining after the manufacturing process can be materially and thermally almost completely re-used.
  5. Disposal of HDF/MDF HOMADUR® after use

    HDF/MDF products can be incinerated without problems because they are not treated with PVC or halogen-organic substances.


To customer specification we manufacture a FSC® certified wood fiber board.

For the production of HDF/MDF HOMADUR® we only use domestic timber from sustainable forestry, namely thinning wood and scrap wood from the saw mill industry. 

We strictly exclude buying wood from the following sources:

  • Wood from illegal and predatory cutting
  • Wood from forests where civil and traditional rights are violated
  • Wood from high conservation value forests
  • Wood from genetically modified trees
  • Wood from natural forest clearance


On customer request we produce a PEFC certified wood fibreboard.

Quality Management

Quality and quality assurance is part of our company philosophy.

Since 1995 Homanit is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Our german plant in Losheim as well as the polish plants in Krosno and Karlino are certified in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015.

Homanit has been certified according to CARB (California Air Resources Board), Table 1 93120.2 Phase 2 since October 2008.