The great importance of sustainability is today evident in all areas of life, and organisations, in their capacity as economic actors, are also challenged to make a substantial contribution to shaping a sustainable and liveable future for future generations. Being a leading supplier of MDF and HDF boards who makes intensive use of natural resources such as wood, we have firmly anchored sustainable action in our corporate philosophy.

After the Group's sustainability strategy was adopted and sustainability targets were defined in 2021, the focus has since been on implementing the corresponding measures. Significant progress and successes were achieved in all three fields of action - "We care for our relationships", "We face up to the challenges" and "We deliver performance" - in the 2023 financial year. The Sustainability Report 2023 provides information on the company's focal points and shows the development of important key figures and objectives in the past financial year.

Sustainability strategy

Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainability is in the DNA of Homanit GmbH & Co. KG, with profitability and environmental awareness going hand in hand. Being a successful family business that is now in its 4th generation, we have a high sense of responsibility – towards nature and towards our stakeholders. We rise to our challenges.

The Group’s close ties with its environment is rooted in the very nature of its products. Our refined, thin medium-density and high-density fibreboards are made from wood, a precious raw material. We pay special attention and respect to our eco-system and attach top priority to nature-conscious and energy-efficient operation.

But first things first:

The sustainable production process of Homanit GmbH & Co. KG starts with procurement. We reject wood from illegal logging and natural forest clearance as well as wood from forests worthy of protection; instead, we rely on thinning wood and sawmill wood residues from sustainably managed forests. As part of the production process, the wood is first shredded before binding agents are added. Our low-formaldehyde glue systems meet the strict requirements of the German Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance (emission class E1) and the American EPA (CARB). When processed in our plants, 100% of the incoming wood resources are used. As our production facilities have their own biomass power plants, wood residues are used to generate heat. All our sites are regularly audited and have certified energy management processes.

Homanit GmbH & Co. KG is subject to demands from various stakeholders, whose needs we take very seriously. We maintain a trusting dialogue with our suppliers and customers, whom we treat as equals. Employing around 1,500 qualified employees at our sites, we are therefore an important employer for the local communities and offer our staff good and fair working conditions. This is also reflected in the high commitment and performance of our staff, which take us forward every single day – toward even better products and a climate-neutral future.

Homanit GmbH & Co. KG is aware that, in a rapidly changing environment, the company is facing diverse challenges such as globalisation, digitalisation, climate change and a shortage of resources, demographic change as well as a shortage of skilled workers and increasing urbanisation. At the same time, the legal requirements to be met by businesses in connection with ESG criteria are changing as well. While our Group of companies is acting out of conviction, we also have a duty to make a contribution and to report on our sustainability efforts in an adequate manner.

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