Homanit involved in the EcoReFibre project

Horizon Europe project EcoReFibre explores smart sorting and processing technologies to recycle post-consumer waste wood back into fibreboards and into novel building products.

A consortium of 20 partner organisations in 7 countries, including leading panel producers and equipment manufacturers are launched to demonstrate how Circular Economy approaches linked with innovative, digital-supported technologies will enable security of raw material supply.

The EcoReFibre project will explore a cascade concept to recover raw materials from waste fibreboard, which will then become available for remanufacture of industrial products. With enhanced sorting equipment, fibreboards will be extracted from the wood waste stream, which can then be processed to generate secondary raw materials of fibres of defined quality.

The technological approach will be supplemented by a detailed market study to determine the current and future availability of waste MDF. The environmental and social impacts and benefits of the novel technologies will also be analysed in detail from a life-cycle perspective.

The project will be carried out until April 2026.

If you like to get more information please follow > https://ecorefibre.eu/


Ecological Solutions for Recovery of Secondary
Materials from Post-Consumer Fibreboards